Electrical Reel

All About Electric Fishing Reels

Make fishing more enjoyable and a lot less tiring for everyone with electric fishing reels. Premium fishing rods have higher torque power, among many other advantages. That’s why they are so popular out on our beautiful ocean in Minyama and other coastal fishing spots around Australia.

Benefits of Electric Fishing Reels

Our range of fishing reels offers the plug-and-play experience by taking on the grunt work for you. Recreational and commercial fishermen prefer these premium reels for making light work of the friskiest sportfish.

  • The average reel size is about 4000 to 6000. Some very powerful kits can be 9500 or more for giants like Black Marlins.
  • Electric reels have a more than decent spool capacity or fishing line length. Usually, a few hundred metres is plenty for deep-sea fishing. Shorter reels up to 100m can be just fine for some recreational purposes too.
  • The right gear that you will be happy with for a long time will have a higher retrieval speed. That’s obviously important to make sure you don’t lose a fish. Line counters are a godsend for anglers. Knowing how much fishing line is in the water makes the whole experience so much easier.

Many quality reels have adjustable speed and power controls, hands-off reeling, anti-corrosion, and brilliant automatic stop and jigging features. We’d be delighted to show you how these work.