Daiwa 23 Seapower 1200 Deep Drop Combo

Daiwa 23 Seapower 1200 Deep Drop Combo

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Daiwa 23 Seapower 1200 Deep Drop Combo

Reel: Daiwa 23 Seapower 1200

The long-awaited replacement to TANACOM BULL, SEAPOWER is now available and ready to dominate the deep. Fitted with the same MEGATORQUE motor that features in the popular SEABORG reels, SEAPOWER outputs approximately 1.3 times the power compared to a conventional motor design.

The MEGATORQUE delivers smooth start up and excellent durability, and is custom designed by DAIWA to emphasise torque over all else. Sporting the same redesigned frame as TANACOM, the motor is now positioned inside the spool. This enables a more direct drive system with a redesigned planetary gearset featuring much thicker & stronger gears to deliver all that power efficiently to the spool.

SEAPOWER now gives anglers more options than ever to explore the depths off our coastline, with some key upgrades from the TANACOM series SEAPOWER is sure to be a hit with deep-drop anglers all over Australia.

Rod: Daiwa Saltist 56HT Deep Drop Rod (specifically designed deep drop rod)

Length: 5'6", Rating: PE 6 - 10 (80lb - 130lb), One piece blank with Pac Bay aluminum detachable bent butt, roller swivel directional tip.

With the power to perform and the muscle to dominate, the Saltist electric rod is the rod that will have you ready for battle. Striking in looks, flawless in performance, and ultimately impressive in power, the Saltist dendoh will have you armed and ready for your next deep sea adventure.