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Picture this. You’re sitting on a beach with a few mates and regaling stories of the past while you cast your line into the ocean. It is a relaxing hobby to take up, especially when you consider how busy your life can become. However, to thoroughly enjoy the experience, you require one of our quality surf fishing rods. At Tackle World Kawana Waters, we stock a wide range of fishing equipment that prepares you for all conditions.

If you’ve noticed surf fishing rods stuck into the sand on a beach, it’s because anglers enjoy the advantages of using this piece of equipment. Surf rods that are longer make it easier to cast further. Consequently, when you’re standing on the beach, you can dangle your bait at greater depths to attract larger fish. Having these rods keeps your line high above the breaking waves, and you reduce the drag on your line in the water, preventing your bait from losing its position. Additionally, using surf rods at a high line allows other beachgoers to pass through without affecting your line.


Tips for Buying Surf Fishing Rods

Identifying the correct surf rods can be a tricky process. Anglers who are interested in acquiring a new rod should consider these factors to make the right decision.

• The power of the rod is critical as its lifting capacity ranges from light to heavy. The most versatile option that the majority of anglers opt for is the medium to heavy surf rods. Along with rod strength, you must adjust the line strength accordingly.

• The action of the rod refers to how it bends or tapers under pressure. Fast action rods bend near the tip while slow action rods bend from the centre. The former assists with casting further and uses single hooks, while the slow action rods typically use a triple hook set up due to a lack of distance.

• If you’re using live bait, it’s best to select a medium to heavy rod as the lighter versions bend far too much.

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Surf Rods

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