What Is Our Price Match Guarantee?

If you find a cheaper price, we will gladly match it. We are committed to providing our customers with the best prices on all our products. If you find a lower advertised price from a legitimate authorised Australian retailer we will match the price, if you meet the following requirements.

  • The item must be identical to the product we have in stock for sale on our website. This includes the size, model year, graphic, color & components.
  • The item must include all costs including tax, shipping & any additional charges - all in $AUD. 
  • The item we are matching must be in stock and currently available for purchase.
  • Our price match policy does not apply to eBay, other internet auction sites or International retailer websites.
  • The item must be supplied to the retailer by an authorised Australian distributor or wholesaler.

Our price match policy is at the discretion of Tackle World Kawana Waters

If you have found a cheaper genuine advertised price on an item you would like to purchase, please email the full details to: