Shimano Beastmaster 9000 B

Shimano Beastmaster 9000 B

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Live-lining, yellowfin tuna, deep sea. Multi-faceted and powerful.

Superior reeling performance and durability are prerequisites for live-lining and targeting large yellowfin tuna. The BEASTMASTER 9000, which combines the GIGA-MAX MOTOR equipped only on the Beast with a highly durable reinforced gear system, demonstrates unshakable reeling power and speed in serious game with amberjack, longtooth grouper and yellowfin tuna. The line capacity of 900m PE No. 8 line can also handle the larger yellowfin bream of recent years, as well as deep-sea fishing for snapper, red bream, gnomefish, red rockfish and skilfish. The weight of the line allows anglers to hold the reel in their hands while fishing. Furthermore, the Tankenmaru SCREEN displays information from the Tankenmaru in real time on the reel's LCD screen. The BEASTMASTER 9000 is a powerful electric reel that offers power, information, and utility, making it a versatile reel.

*Tankenmaru SCREEN/Tanmimaru Scale can be used on all fishing boats equipped with a Tankenmaru master unit. The fish depth display can be used only on vessels equipped with an Accu-fish compatible master unit.

[About power source]
The product is not equipped with a lithium battery.
To ensure full performance of the reel, we recommend the use of a high-capacity battery (our BT MASTER 11AH).

BM9000B 3.1 25 1485 6-1100, 8-900, 10-650, 12-550 88 75 14/0