Daiwa Seaborg G1800M-RJ

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Deep dropping for the world’s largest & most powerful fish just became a reality with the all-new Seaborg G1800M-RJ. Dubbed Ironking Monster, the new Seaborg is the most-powerful ever produced, with a new Megatorque-G motor almost double the size of that found in the smaller 1200MJ. Equipped with 50kg maximum drag and a max hoisting force of 80kg (JAFS Standard).

As with the other Seaborg larger models a two-speed function is present and allows for fast retrieval of rigs or smaller fish, combined with a low power-gear for maximum hoisting force for pulling big bass, hapuka, bar cod or swordfish from the bottom. This kind of power & speed in an electric reel is brand-new from DAIWA and opens a new realm for those willing to explore our deepest canyons where the biggest fish live.

Featuring a host of completely new features, Seaborg G1800M-RJ is in a league of its own. The most notable is the new addition of Remote Jog (RJ). Remote Jog gives the angler the ability to see the line information and control the reel via a bluetooth connected remote control. This opens up a world of new possibilities for both boat captains and anglers. REMOTE JOG comes standard with Seaborg G1800M-RJ and is easy to set up. Whether your retrieving teasers remotely from the comfort of the tower whilst gamefishing or simply wanting to sit in the captains chair to keep a close eye on the sounder Remote Jog is a game-changer. Seaborg G1800M-RJ also features Daiwa’s new electronic drag sound, which emits an audible noise to notify the angler of any drag slipping, another first for a dendoh reel.

Deep drop fishing is becoming increasingly popular as trailer boats become so much more capable with extended range & comfort. Never before has the demand or desire so high for electric reels to fish our deepest waters. The brand-new Seaborg G1800M-RJ Ironking Monster is here to dominate the deep, better than ever before.


Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminium allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals



MagSeal protection is no longer just for the main shaft and rotor of a reel with MagSealed Ball Bearings providing ultimate protection for the most at risk location such as the engine side plate and line roller.


An evolution of the famous Daiwa Megatorque motor, Daiwa’s newest and most powerful electric motor design delivers a new standard in power, strength and performance.


Remote Jog gives the angler the ability to see the line information and control the reel via a bluetooth connected remote control.