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Choosing the right fishing set up

Choosing and buying a new Shimano reel and/or rod can be confusing. In this article, we’ll help you decide which reel and rod you need for the type of fishing you do and the fish you catch.

Estuary Fishing | Bream, flathead and whiting

Most estuaries or saltwater rivers are good places to fish. Common fish species found in estuaries are: bream, flathead, whiting, squid, mullet and garfish. The best fishing methods for estuary fishing is light to medium tackle bait and lure fishing. 

Small to medium spinning reels from the 2500-3000 size are perfect for estuary fishing and should be matched to a reasonably lightweight fishing rod, rated between 2-6kg.

Quality Shimano estuary fishing reels should be spooled up with a quality braided line like Power Pro or Kairiki 8 in a breaking strains between 3-6kg.

Suggested outfits:

Stradic FL 2500HG, Zodias 270M

Sedona FI 2500,  Squidgies Rod 6102SPL

Nexave FE 2500, Catana 701 

Freshwater Fishing | Australian bass, Murray cod, golden perch, and silver perch 

There are many different native and introduced freshwater sportfish in Australia. Popular freshwater fish species are: Australian bass, Murray cod, yellowbelly or golden perch, silver perch, and introduced trout and salmon species. In Australia’s tropical North-East, jungle perch, sooty grunter, and barramundi are popular freshwater sportfish. 

For smaller freshwater species – like bass, perch, grunter, and trout – small spinning reels in the 1000-2500 size are best suited, matched to a rod rated for 1-6kg line.

For larger freshwater species – like wild and impoundment (dam) Murray cod and barramundi – small to medium spinning reels in the 3000-5000 size are best suited. Alternatively, a baitcast style reel in the 150-300 size is also well suited. Match these reels to a spin or baitcast rod rated for 6-12kg line.

Power Pro or Kairiki 8 braided fishing line is well suited to freshwater fishing.

Suggested outfits:

Stradic FL 1000, Revolution 702UL (trout, bass and perch)

Stradic FL C3000, Squidgies Rod 682 (Murray cod)

Curado K 200, Jewel 510BC (barramundi)

Rock and Beach Fishing | Tailor, salmon, mulloway, bream and whiting 

When conditions are safe, rock and beach fishing are great ways to get outdoors. Popular fish to catch from the rocks are: tailor, salmon, bonito, bream, drummer and luderick. Popular beach fishing targets are: mulloway, tailor, salmon and whiting. 

A medium 4000 size reel is well suited to catching whiting, tailor and bream, while a larger 6000-8000 size reel is better suited to catching fish like salmon and mulloway from the beach. A suitable rock and beach rod should be at least 2.5 metres (9 feet) in length. 

Long-casting Power Pro or Kairiki 8 braided fishing line is well suited to rock and beach fishing.

Suggested outfits:

Saragosa SWA 8000, Revolution 1002 (best for mulloway, big tailor and salmon)

Nasci C5000, Jewel 962 (tailor, salmon, bream and whiting)

Sedona 5000, Catana Coastal 1006 (drummer, luderick, bonito)

Rock and Beach Fishing

Inshore Fishing | Snapper, mulloway, bonito and kingfish

A quality Shimano outfit is often required to land hard-fighting fish like snapper and kingfish from inshore reefs, harbours, and bays.

Spinning reels from medium to large 4000-10000 are suitable for catching snapper and kingfish. A medium 4000 size reel is great for inshore lure fishing, while a large 10000 size spinning reel is better suited to fishing with bait for bigger kingfish and northern species like red emperor and coral trout. 

Reels should be spooled with strong Power Pro or OCEA 8 Premium braided fishing line, matched with tough graphite rods.

Suggested outfits:

Socorro SW 8000, Revolution 641 (kingfish and big mulloway)

Saragosa SWA 6000, Jewel 701SP 5-10 (snapper, mulloway and kingfish)

Stradic FL 4000, Raider 762 (snapper, bonito and mulloway)

Offshore Fishing | Tuna, kingfish, mackerel and trevally

Offshore fishing for pelagic species like kingfish, mackerel, trevally and tuna can be taxing on fishing gear. Similarly, fishing deeper water for snapper, cod and emperor, requires quality Shimano reels and rods.

Spinning reels from large to extra large 10000-20000 sizes and overhead lever-drag reels are great for trolling and deepwater bait fishing for species like kingfish and mackerel. 

Reels should be spooled with strong Power Pro or OCEA 8 Premium braided fishing line, matched with tough graphite rods.

Suggested outfits:

Socorro SW 8000, Revolution 641 (deepwater bait fishing, jigging, trolling)

Saragosa SWA 20000, Terez S76H (casting, bait fishing)

Speedmaster LD 12, Terez C66H (deepwater bait fishing, trolling)

Offshore Fishing Catch


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