1. Our Mackay based Website Designer
    Website Design - Mackay We partnered with Mackay based website designer, Corporate Design Solutions. The owner, Phil Reece, has been a long-establ...
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  2. Fishing The South East Queensland FAD's.
    With the warmer water, the pelagic species have all started to arrive to the Sunshine Coast, and the local fisheries in South East Queensland have made it even easier for you keen anglers to get stuck into these super exciting fish. The fisheries have deployed 10 FAD’s in South East Queensland, from Double Island point all the way through to the Gold Coast.
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  3. Sunshine Coast Flathead Fishing.

    With the temperature starting to rise, the Flathead in our local waters have started to venture up to the river mouths to start the breeding process. Flatty are a lovely table fish, and also super exciting to catch when you hook one of the bigger females that are present in our local waterways. Flathead can be caught in a number of ways, so in this blog I will give you my tips and tricks that will help you catch your fair share of these lovely table fish.

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  4. Sunshine Coast Surface Whiting Fishing.
    Chasing Whiting on surface lures has become a very popular way to target these fish. I caught my first ever Whiting on a popper back October 2008 and have been chasing them this way ever since. Through this blog I will tell you all my tips and tricks to catch these exciting fish. 
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  5. Sunshine Coast Mackerel Fishing.
    In this blog we are going to talk about chasing Mackerel on bait and with lures. As they say there is more than one way to skin a Cat and there is more than one way to catch a Mackerel so throughout this blog I’m going to outline some ways that could be new to you and hopefully improve your catch rate. 
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  6. Sunshine Coast Bass Fishing.
    With the warmer months approaching, the Australian Bass in our local waters are starting to fire up. Bass are a super exciting fish to target with their aggressive nature and hard hits, they will leave you wanting more.
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  7. An overview of fishing on the Sunshine Coast
    Only an hour drive north of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast fishing spots offer many options for anglers. The beaches from Caloundra to Double Island head fish well for Dart and Bream.
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