Tilsan Barra 80mm

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 The Tilsan Barra is the most versatile timber lure ever made. From dead slow twitch retrieve in the snags, to a super fast troll out wide, the Tilsan Barra Lure can handle it all. With its centreline design stainless steel frame and Tilsan’s unsurpassed quality, the Tilsan Barra is a must-have in every serious fisherman’s tackle box. If you’re after a lure that does the lot, you can’t go past the Tilsan Barra.

Tilsan Barra Specs

Product Name TB80
Trolling Speed 1-7 Knots
Weight 16 Grams
Length 80mm, 3.1 Inches
Hooks #2 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Applications Casting, Trolling : Dives to 3m
Buoyancy Slow Floating