Tackleworld Live Bait Buckets

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Tackle World Live Bait Bucket Range.


Tackle World Australia is excited to announce a range of new Live Bait Buckets.

The Tackle World bait buckets are designed specifically for live baits and keeping them fresh and alive.

Each bucket has an inner basket that can be removed so the bait is not disturbed and the water can be changed easily.

The buckets all have ports in the lids (except the 20L Model) to allow the user easy access to the bait.

The largest 20 litre model has a sealable lid on the outer bucket, and a inner removeable basket (no lid on basket) so you can seal the bucket and travel

Between locations without spillage.

 There are 4 buckets in the range, 5litre, 10litre, 15litre and 20litre all made with UV

Stabilised materials and a sturdy carry handle.

These Live Bait Buckets, pair up perfectly, with the Maritec Aerators online in our Shop.