Spotters Fury Gloss Black Ignite

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Spotters Fury Gloss Black frame fitted with the Ignite Mirror Crown Glass Lens


> High glare specialist
> Real metallic mirror protected by layers of Crown Glass

The vibrant Red/Gold mirror overlays a natural grey base tint Crown Glass lens. We use real metallic particles in our Ignite Mirror lenses as only real metallic particles reflect bright light and heat away from your eyes. This actually creates a cooling effect during periods of intense light and reduces eye fatigue.

Our real metallic mirrors are sandwiched between layers of Crown Glass so they can’t be damaged or scratched off!

The neutral grey lens tint allows for natural colour perception while vaporising glare. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations where you want natural colour perception.


The Grey lens tint takes your vision; and relaxes it. The natural grey colour removes irritating glare and noise from your vision and provides perfect optical clarity without changing your colour perception.

The result? Spotters’ Ignite mirror is a high glare specialist, giving glare-free vision and natural colour perception The Ignite Mirror finish also hides your eyes.

On the front surface is a vibrant Red/Gold Mirror constructed from real metallic particles. The real metallic mirror reflects bright light and heat away so your eyes stay cool and relaxed all day. The view from the front is what people will see when they look at you while wearing your eyewear.

Underneath the awesome Ignite Mirror is natural grey base tint Crown Glass lens. This base tint keeps your colour and depth perception natural. You don’t actually see the Ignite Mirror while you’re wearing the lenses. What you will see if the natural Stone Grey – your view looking through.


Don’t forget, the Ignite Mirror is protected between layers of Crown Glass so it can’t be damaged or scratched off!