Shinto Pro Micro Assist Hooks

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The Shinto Pro Assist Hooks are a stand out in the micro assist hook market with their overly flashy and attractive designs and super strong hardware. These new assist hooks are extremely sharp, strong and reliable, and can increase your fish landing rate significantly.

The smaller size 4 hooks are best used on small estuary lures, anything really from little minnows to crank baits and even micro jigs. They've been tried and tested and have landed even the biggest of fish, don't judge them by their size!

The middle size 6 hooks can be used on the same sort of lures as above, but can also be used for bigger lures too up to around 100mm.

The bigger size 8 hooks are suited for bigger estuary lures and beach/rock lures as well. They're also great for smaller offshore micro jigs.


  • X Strong Hooks
  • Type: offset doubles
  • 2 hooks per assist, 2 assists per pack
  • Test Strength: 30lb (all sizes)
  • Sizes: 4 (smallest), 6, 8 (largest)