Shinto Pro Medium Assist Hooks Offset Double

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Shinto Pro Medium Assist Hooks Offset Double


The Shinto Pro Assist Hook range is perfect for attaching to the top or bottom of jigs. The entire range is suitable for customising had body lures by attaching to the front or rear to enhance their action and attraction. Assist Hooks can be added to soft plastics as a stinger.

These sticky hooks will turn strikes into positive hook-ups. Due to the flexible connection, these assist hooks eliminate the leverage of the lure to dislodge the hook during a fight with an aggressive fish.


- Flexible connection
- Durable double assist hook


- Size: 1/0
- Breaking Strain: 60lb
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 2/0
- Breaking Strain: 66lb
- Quantity Per Pack: 2


- Size: 3/0
- Breaking Strain: 70lb
- Quantity Per Pack: 2