Shinto Pro Ganged Hook Swivel OShaughnessy

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The Shinto Pro O'Shaughnessy Ganged Hooks are best suited to fishing whole baits such as pilchards, squid, garfish, mullet, yakkas and slimeys. However, you can also use them with big strips of flesh baits should you prefer.

You will have no trouble finding the right size ganged hooks to suit your bait of choice. The swivel link solves the problem of the traditional and rigid eye-to-shank rigs. A more flexible and durable hook rig makes it significantly easier to attach baits. Additionally the flexibility created through the introduction of the swivels greatly increases hook up rates and reduces the likelihood of foul ups when fighting fishing.


  • Best suited to fishing whole baits
  • Swivel linked Ganged O'Shaughnessy hooks
  • Hand crafted
  • 3 sets per packet