Shinto Pro Dressed Ganged Hook Swivel Live Bait

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The Shinto Pro Dressed Ganged Hooks are designed to create movement in the slowest of currents, enticing even timid fish to bite.

The addition of fresh bait to the already enticing colour and movement is a winning combination! Shinto Pro is proud to present the swivel linked dressed ganged hooks utilising the highest quality hooks and swivels. The swivel link solves the problem of the traditional and rigid eye-to-shank rigs. A more flexible and durable hook rig makes it significantly easier to attach baits.

Additionally the flexibility created through the introduction of the swivels greatly increases hook up rates and reduces the likelihood of foul ups when fighting fishing. suitable for rock, reef and beach fishing.

Perfect for slow trolling or drifting under a float for pelagics like Kingfish, Tuna and Mackerel. 


  • Colour: Hussar, Baby Red & Fired Up Fusi
  • Swivel linked Ganged live bait hooks
  • Hand tied with premium materials
  • Skirting materials contain both UV and Glow characteristics