Shimano Silicon Landing Nets

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Silicon Landing Net

 Shimano’s brand-new landing nets with nylon mesh are built on a sturdy heavy duty alloy frame and with four models in the range, there is an option for all favourite species across the country. The new grip design features long PVC handles for more ergonomic use, and most importantly the knotless coated nylon mesh is super durable and friendly on fish protective slime. The wide mesh design is easy to pull through the water when netting a fish and the honeycomb mesh pattern makes it easier to free your lures or hooks if fouled up. Designed to suited to anglers of all levels, whether fishing for bream and bass in the Kayak, Dhufish on the western reefs, or the mighty Murray Cod and Barramundi in Australia’s vast impoundments. RRP from $59.99 to $99.99 depending on size.

250 kayak : 25cm Handle, 38cm Wide

500 Sml : 57cm Handle, 38cm Wide

500 Lge : 57cm Handle, 46cm Wide

1000 Lge : 107cm Handle, 46cm Wide