Samaki Archer Spin Rods

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Samaki Archer Spin Rod

Archer series targets lure fisherman at their weakest. First impressions count and the Archer knows it, feel the way the rod butt slips into the palm of your hand as though it was made just for you, the soft yet firm cork is chiseled perfectly for your grip and turns what you think is just a fishing rod into and extension of your arm and body

Samaki says the range "hits the nail on the head with design and componentry". The Archer range is crafted from crisp matte-black blanks for transmitting the slightest of bites, carbon locking rings with gold trim detail, composite AA Cork and Ultra Hard EVA grips, plus the new Fuji Fazlite guides.

6112SL 1/16-3/8oz 6'11" 2pc 2-4kg Spin 2pce

722SL          1/16-3/8oz          7'                 2pc         2-4kg                   Spin 2pce