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When a product carries the name of Saltiga, you can be sure it's heritage is burned deeply into the saltwater sport fishing scene. Now, with Saltiga Rough Ride there is a range of floating stickbaits suitable to carry the Saltiga name. Specifically tuned by the Daiwa Australia team to feature stronger through-wire construction, a hybrid BKK hook set, and a range of purposely designed colours resembling tried & tested Australian baitfish patterns.

Saltiga Rough Ride construction is unique, with first glance immediately noticing the dimpled pattern similar to a golf ball. This pattern stabilizes the lure both in the cast through the air, and when retrieving through the water. The dimbles create a stable pocket of air hugging the lures body, preventing tumbling and aiding in swimming stability in rough water conditions.

On the inside, Saltiga Rough Ride has been beefed up, featuring a thicker stainless steel through wire construction which ensures no matter what you hook, there's no way the lure can let you down. Connecting you to the fish is a hybrid BKK hook setup, a system favoured by many topwater experts. Saltiga Rough Ride features BKK Raptor X treble hooks on the belly hanger, adding more weight central to the lures body to aid in producing an enticing action. On the tail, a BKK Diablo inline single hook is positioned perfectly to provide a solid hook-set.

Featuring Daiwa's ADEL foil to resemble the pearlescent underside of baitfish, the colour patterns of Saltiga Rough Ride are some of the best saltwater colours ever designed by Daiwa Australia, and give options for all conditions and locations.

If you're looking to target Trevally, Mackeral or other speedsters off the top, look no further than the Saltiga Rough Ride available in 2 sizes to suit a host of different angling scenarios.


Lenth : 140mm/160mm

Weight : 47g

Type : Surface