Rovex 10x Formula Mono Line

Rovex 10x Formula Mono Line

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Rovex 10X Formula Mono Line

ULTIMATE ABRASION RESISTANCE! Rovex's 10X Formula line is made using an exclusive polymer bonding technology for unsurpassed abrasion resistance that makes it first choice for anglers fishing structure such as rock ledges, wrecks, snags and other obstacles. This formula also improves knot strength and is 10 times tougher than most other monofilament lines with the same diameter. You have seven line classes to choose from 6lb to 30lb.

Feature List
  • 10-Times Tougher than Other Monofilament Lines
  • Ultra-High Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Knot Strength
Code Model Barcode Length Rating Diameter

32051 10X Formula 300m - Green 6lb 9312327791570 300m 6lb 0.2
32052 10X Formula 300m - Green 9lb 9312327791587 300m 9lb 0.25

32053 10X Formula 300m - Green 12lb 9312327791594 300m 12lb 0.3

32054 10X Formula 300m - Green 15lb 9312327791600 300m 15lb 0.35

32055 10X Formula 300m - Green 20lb 9312327791617 300m 20lb 0.4

32056 10X Formula 300m - Green 25lb 9312327791624 300m 25lb 0.45

32057 10X Formula 300m - Green 30lb 9312327791631 300m 30lb 0.5