Rob Allen X-Blade Dive Knife

Rob Allen X-Blade Dive Knife

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Rob Allen X-Blade Dive Knife


The Rob Allen X-Blade Knife is a low profile spearo knife. As you would expect from Rob Allen, only the best material was used to craft another fantastic product for you to enjoy for a long time. 

This knife has a 105 mm blade that is strong enough to handle any fish, no matter how heavy!

In order to help remove spears that are lodged in rock or big fish, this knife includes an integrated wrench.

The clever design has the thin end of the slot in the handle away from the blade. This means that your fingers will be away from the blade when you use your knife as a spear wrench. At the same time, the spear is in the center of the handle.

Finally, the knife comes with the popular Rob Allen sheath. This sheath is to be worn on your calf.

Features of the Rob Allen X-Blade Knife:

  • Blue handle
  • 105 mm blade
  • Low Profile design
  • Integrated spear wrench
  • Sheath to be worn on the inside of the calf