Rapala X Light Crank Mid

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X-Light Crank

The ideal lure for finesse presentations, the X-Light Crank has all the necessary features that set it apart from other lures on the market.

Coming in a shallow and mid runner the X-Light Crank is perfect for targeting any smaller fresh or saltwater predator. The X-Light Crank features a tight bite enticing wiggle coupled with a finesse rattle that drives the predators crazy.

Highly versatile the X-Light Crank can be steadily cranked, twitched in the strike zone or you can use the burn and kill technique to trigger bites. The mid runner will dive to just under 2m where the shallow version can be used as a wake bait on the surface with a slow retrieve or will dive to just under a metre on a steady retrieve.

 Length: 3.5cm Weight: 4 Grams Depth: 1.8m Type: Floating