Rapala Shad Rap Elite 55

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The original Rapala Shad Rap has long been a favourite for anglers since its release. The new Shad Rap Elite builds on the tournament proven qualities of the Shad Rap and take this classic to the next level.

Combining premium balsa wood with modern heavy duty construction techniques has created maximum durability and casting distance. With a body shape resembling baitfish found world over and finished off with Rapala’s new modern Elite foil finishes has created a lure that oozes ‘eat me’.

The Shad Rap Elite has an action that must be seen, the Shad Rap Elite is incredibly responsive and has an action that ranges from a wide wobble to a tight shimmy depending on the retrieval speed. Add a few twitches in the retrieve and the Shad Rap Elite comes to life often triggering savage strikes. Getting to a depth of 3m on the cast the Shad Rap Elite is a highly versatile lure that blends a traditional crankbait with a jerk-bait seamlessly.

Finished off with sticky sharp Needle Point VMC 75 Series trebles this lure is ready to go straight out of the packet.

Tournament angler Steve Morgan used this lure to win the 2023 ABT Australian Bass Open Tournament on the Clarence River in Northern New South Wales.


Length: 5.5cm  Weight: 7 grams  Depth: 2.5-3.0m  Type: Floating