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Protecta Oil and Grease


ProTecta Spray Lube

Industrial grade lubricant that you can use in the house, garage and shop. In laboratory tests, ProTecta with its extreme pressure additives withstands 5 times the lubricating pressure of the leading brands to eliminate squeaks and lubricate longer. ProTecta’s advanced formula provides a superior lubricating film that continues to provide protection when the oil dries. It adheres to metal better than other spray lubricants, and it cleans most surfaces and quickly penetrates and loosens frozen or rusted metal parts.Makes all other spray oils obsolete! Resists water and drives moisture from working surfaces. Evaporates leaving a protective, long lasting, non-sticky, dust-free film.


ProTecta Precision Reel Lubricant

The One Drop Wonders - a must for home, shed, workshop, tool and tackle box!To satisfy the needs of  a wide range of uses we have developed a range of application specific Precision Lubricants. Each is 45 ml with the bottle having an extremely handy needle stick applicator which is perfect for getting the lubricant exactly where you need it -  and not all over the place! The silicone cap fits snuggly over the end of the blunt needle ensuring that it doesn’t leak when it is on its side.

ProTecta SFR2522 Multi Purpose Grease

Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, speeds, load ratings this is a true multipurpose grease! Its heat resistant formula ensures retention up to a dropping point of 260ºC and below zero. With Graphite, Moly and SFR it works well under low pressure but it also excels in an extreme pressure environment.In wet or dry conditions it resists contamination and with an exceptionally lowwater wash out score of 1.5% and a superior rust inhibitor it is the ultimate protection in wet conditions.

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