Plano 7771 Tackle Box

Plano 7771 Tackle Box

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The Plano 7771 ultimate tackle box is a large tackle box with enough space and features to cater to the serious angler who is serious about protecting and maintaining their tackle. It includes a number of innovate storage solutions that enable anglers to store a range of different fishing tackle.

It is a large sized tackle box that conveniently includes bulk storage and 4 X 23701 stowaway utility boxes and a spacious bulk storage area under the lid. These four stowaways can be removed and quickly accessed so the right tackle for any given situation on the water can be selected.

There’s enough space and varying storage sized options suitable for hooks, lures, swivels, sinkers and floats. The Plano 7771 is the ideal ultimate tackle box that is perfectly suited to both boat anglers and bank anglers alike providing them with a sturdy storage solution with enough bulk space for items like sunglasses, a spare reel spool, extra line, camera, a knife - in short everything they might need to have a successful day on the water.

(lures/ accessories NOT included)