Penn Wrath II

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The PENN Wrath II is built around an affordable platform whilst emphasising the legendary PENN durability anglers have come to know.

Featuring a lightweight, corrosion resistant graphite body with a machined and
anodized aluminium spool, the PENN Wrath II will give you the power you need across a wide range of fishing applications without breaking the bank.

The 2+1 shielded stainless steel bearing and instant anti-reverse provide a smooth and reliable gear system. With sizes ranging from 2500 to 6000, you’ll be able to bring your Wrath to anything with fins!

2500 - 6.2:1 Ratio - 4.5kg Drag - 297g Weight

3000 - 6.2:1 Ratio - 5.5kg Drag - 346g Weight

4000 - 6.2:1 Ratio - 6.8kg Drag - 359g Weight

5000 - 5.6:1 Ratio - 9.1kg Drag - 595g Weight

6000 - 5.6:1 Ratio - 9.1kg Drag - 646g Weight