Penn Fierce IV LL

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The Penn Fierce Live Liner features a 'bait runner' style system and has been a massive seller for the Penn brand. Now on its 4th incarnation, the features of this versatile reel continue to improve. The latest refinements have enhanced the Fierce performance even further, yet the entry-level price point remains.

Firstly, the range is excellent. At the beginning of the series is the size 2500, covering all light class fishing which will include lake and river through to the big 8000, which you can cast in anger from the ocean rocks, beach and near-shore.

Tackle everything from trout, bass and perch to mangrove jacks, mulloway and tuna. Spool capacities are generous. Also, with nearly 14kg of max drag in size 8000, fish like certain species of tuna and kingfish are a reachable target.

The Penn Fierce IV reel, for sale now, has seen cosmetic improvements, including the classy ported, superline aluminium spool. The Penn Fierce 4 reel includes four stainless steel ball bearings and Penn’s infamous HT-100 drag washers, adding further power, smoothness and endurance to the drag system. A techno-balanced rotor delivers a far more balanced, smooth retrieve, and an Instant anti-reverse system gives confidence, especially come time to set the hooks. The full metal body and side plate ensure rigidity for precise gear alignment under load.

Features such as the heavy-duty aluminium bail wire make the Fierce 4 an ideal choice for those anglers that can be rough on their kit. It’s an excellent feature for anglers who frequent the rocks, sea walls and breakwaters, where heavy impacts are likely.

Given the accessible price point, the Penn fierce 4 reel is ideal for an angler looking for an affordable go-to slogger. You can consider purchasing a couple of reels to cover several of your saltwater fishing applications at this price.