Palms Mini Dax

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Palms Minature Dax  Mini Jig Metal Lure

The Miniature Dax, Perfect for ultra-light jigging and shoregame applications. Palms produce quality products for the world market, and these micro gems are no exception.

This is a finesse version of the Dax series that has a proven track record in light jigging. By redesigning the silhouette and weight balance for the use of light weight, we have achieved a high level of both response to rod work and stable fall posture. Lightweight jigs weighing less than 10g tend to lose the feeling of operation, but miniature dax have a moderate resistance that makes it possible to always grasp the jig's behavior. Rewind it! Invite and reed! Drop it off! Feel the performance in three beats with salt finesse.


Product Specifications:

Brand: Palms 

Weight: 3g, 5g or 7g

Length: 34mm

Hook: Front Original Assist / Rear # 16

Quantity: 1 lure per pack