Pakula Paua Jet Medium Sprocket

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Pakula Sprockets are simply the most productive lure in every trolling situation, in every ocean of the world, universally used by all successful Pakula trollers.

The Sprocket Series is responsible for many milestones in the Pakula lists of major achievements including the Lexus, Compass, Sanctuary Cove six years straight, the HIBT twice, the three major tournaments in N.S.W, the Golden Lure, The International and Shootout three years in a row, the heaviest marlin in Sydney waters to 1966, plus five straight tournaments on the Gold Coast Blue Marlin grounds, plus countless other tournament and trophy wins worldwide.

The Pakula Sprocket is a legend, having been listed in the Marlin Magazine top 10 Lures of all time every time the survey has been done.

Simply put the Pakula Sprocket works in every game fishing ground in the world for every pelagic. They are the professional's favourite and beginners dream. If you ever have to choose just one lure it should be a Pakula Sprocket!

Length: 220mm