Ocean Hunter Shadow Dive Knife

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Ocean Hunter Shadow Knife

The Ocean Hunter Shadow Knife might very well be the ultimate spearfishing knife for you to quickly dispatch your catch. 

This knife is specifically for spearfishing, with a 420 marine grade stainless stell blade, ensuring sharpness, strength and resistance to rust. The multi-edged 9cm dagger style blade of this knife is very sharp, therefore making penetration of even large pelagic fish quick and effortless. The sleek slim line low profile design blade also has a quick pull lanyard, letting you access the knife quickly at all times.

A clever addition to the Ocean Hunter Shadow knife are key lock holes in the blade. These holes lighten the blade but even more so serve you in the following ways:

  • Remove shafts stuck in coral with more ease. Insert the back of the shaft in the matching hole of the knife and use it as a key lock handle for extra leverage.
  • Straighten out bent shaft floppers or imperfections in cluster heads while being out in the water.

Also, the blade also has a sharp serrated section at its’ back which is super useful when laying out burley trails.

Finally, the knife’s sheath has durable, low profile webbing and comes with two rubber leg straps, allowing you to mount to your leg aswell as a longated section to mount to your belt to quickly access it when you need it most.

All these smart details of the Ocean Hunter Shadow knife will certainly be helpful for you or one of your mates at some stage, and will let you spend more time hunting instead of being delayed with issues or even having to go back home early.