Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme HS 3mm Wetsuit

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Ocean Hunter Chameleon HS 3mm

The Ocean Hunter Chameleon HS 3mm Two-piece wetsuit is suitable for year-round temperate water, the Chameleon HS is a High-stretch two-piece wetsuit that allows for easy entry and is perfect for those divers that want the performance and warmth of a two-piece wetsuit but don’t want to bother and fuss of Open-Cell material.

Chameleon HS 3.mm Features


  • The two-piece wetsuit is available as 3mm
  • World-first reinforced polymer loading pad for greater protection and grip when loading
  • Multi-toned camouflage that works as well on reefs as it does in Bluewater
  • Robust reinforced Supratex elbow and knee panels to ensure longevity, especially when teasing out a crayfish or checking out caves and overhangs for a prized table fish.
  • 3mm thickness
  • Attached hood for extra warmth
  • Camo print
  • Tough as nails Hexagonal chest pad
  • Fitting: No oil or soaping up is required which ensures easy donning and doffing unlike open cell suits
  • Designed specifically for Australian waters