Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife Arm Strap

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Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife Arm Strap

The Ocean Hunter Knife Arm Strap is used to attach many different spearfishing knives to your arm for easy access and streamlining.

The Ocean Hunter Knife Arm strap consists of a single adjustable strap that is used to safely secure your dive knife to the spearos arm for quick and convenient access when dispatching your fish. What makes the Ocean Hunter Knife Arm Strap so ideal is that it's super quick and easy to mount yourself thanks to the Velcro quick adjustment system.

This secure arm strap system offers many advantages over traditional rubber straps because it's easier to use and adjust as well as being a significantly more secure form of securing your dive knife. The Ocean Hunter Velcro Knife Arm Strap provides the spearo with a much smaller profile when in place on your arm and removes the potential for catching on your shooting line or float rope which in turn gives the spearo better streamlining in the water as well.

Ocean Hunter Knife Arm Strap Features

  • Unique arm strap allows mounting of certain knives on upper arm
  • Elastic panel secures strap when wetsuit compresses
  • One size fits all
  • Ideally suited to the Ocean Hunter Assassin knife