MMD Soft Prawn

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MMD Soft Prawn

Introducing the MMD Soft Prawn, an all-in-one soft plastic lure ready to land any prawn-loving fish. This pre-rigged lure looks just like the real deal, and is designed to mimic the flicks and kicks of a darting prawn. Built around a tough Mustad hook and available in two weight sizes, the 50mm Soft Prawn is a bream fisho’s new best friend. Most fish love a prawn, and this lure from MMD is sure to be a winner around the country.

5 colours

2 sizes 

50mm Soft Prawn

3 Weights - Light 2.1g

                  - Medium 3.3g

                  - Heavy 5.5g

70mm Soft Prawn

3 Weights - Light 3.8g

                  - Medium 5.4g

                 - Heavy 8.3g