Minion 65F

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The Minion is precisely balanced to deliver a highly responsive and extra enticing presentation, accommodating a range of different retrieval styles. Exceptionally effective in shallow water, this lure is the perfect choice for chasing a wide variety of species lurking in the shallows, across Australia and around the world.


Slow-rolling your Minion will produce a seductive wiggle that perfectly mimics an unsuspecting baitfish, or you can twitch it erratically with pauses to imitate a telegraphing prawn. It also features rattling weights and is best fished with a loop knot or uni to front split ring, allowing for unimpeded and natural swim action.


All micro lures are constructed using the latest Japanese design principles, featuring high-grade ABS materials and premium stainless steel hardware. Comprehensive QA testing is conducted throughout production to ensure all blanks meet the highest standards of finish