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Quick change running ball sinkers. A small screw pack of sliding ball sinkers that can be snapped onto your line, eliminating the need to cut your line and re-tie as with conventional sliding type sinkers.

They are made from two lead inserts, which are captured within a resilient plastic shell. The shell has a tough hinge at the rear and a strong latch on the front. The plastic retains the lead within its shell and the hinge allows the sinker to open up and be placed over the fishing line.

The latch is then used to secure the sinker over the line and can be easily opened to release it when you want to change the weight of the sinker, replace the hook with a lure or simply just make the rod easier to transport (no sinkers on the line means the car doesn’t get dented when you hit a bump and makes the line on the rod more manageable because it doesn’t want to spool off as easily).


#4 = 20g / 10pc

#4 Lite = 10g / 10pc

#6 = 40g / 5pc

#8 = 60g / 4pc

 #10= 80g / 4pc


  • Add and remove sinkers with ease – change range and depth at will to find the strike zone fast
  • Add sinkers from the boat – allows dynamic exploration of the water column
  • Store and travel with nude rods – remove the sinkers and you eliminate twists and damage to your car, rods and boat
  • Protective cases – protect flora, fauna, and your tinnie from exposed lead
  • Lumo option – fluorescent sinkers act like a beacon to attract fish at night or in the low light of deep water
  • Locking option – the sinker can be locked onto the line for unique fishing experiences including a KLIK first (bow lining)
  • Fish light – the ability to add sinkers as needed allows you to use pre-made terminal tackle rigs and leave the tackle box behind
  • Hard of sight – no need to thread the hole with Klik Sinkers