Jackall Squirrel 61SP

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Jackall brings a new style of fishing to Australia with this bait from Japan. A cross between jerkbait and crankbait. In Japan, they simply call this kind of lure a Shad style bait. It can be fished like a jerkbait or retrieved like a crankbait. You let the fish decide which technique it wants to be hooked on.

Specially designed magnetic weight moving system. Allows the lure to be cast farther and then when the lure hits the water the ball weight rolls back to the centre and the magnet keeps it in place for the perfect balance.

A slimmer body design makes for an increased hook set ratio. This lure is very effective in all weather conditions. The Squirrel has a longbill which makes it possible to dive deeper, thus it is easier to reach deeper fish. This lure produces a tight wobbling action creating a life-like stop and go action which increases your chances of catching more fish. Diving and suspending lure for bream, bass, trout, yellowbelly and more.

Weight - 4.5 grams

Length - 61mm

Depth - 4/5ft

Type - Suspending