Halco Madeyes Paddle Prawn

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Paddle Prawn 3″

The Halco Madeyes 3″ Paddle Prawn soft plastic is engineered to withstand repeated strikes. This 3 inch soft plastic lure is an ideal size for targeting inshore, estuary, and freshwater species.

Fishing with soft plastics gives an angler a huge advantage when attempting to catch the more fussy or finesse feeders. This is due to the incredible lifelike appearance and motion of these soft plastic baits. The 3″ Paddle Prawn tail is designed to send irresistible vibrations through the water. Combine this action with the lifelike feelers and legs, and you find yourself slow jigging a fish magnet!

The Halco Madeyes 3″ Paddle Prawn soft plastic is an ideal choice for anglers of all abilities. 10 Baits per pack.

Paddle Prawn 3″ Specs

Product Name MEPP3
Length 76mm, 3 Inch
Applications Jigging
Buoyancy Floating