Dog Tooth HQ Micros F/C Leader 6lb

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Dog Tooth HQ Flurocarbon Leader

Dog Tooth Fluorocarbon HQ is exactly what you need if you're looking for a tough, abrasion resistant, fast sinking leader that's almost invisible in the water. Conveniently packed in 20m and 30m spools, this leader will provide you with that extra insurance down the business end of your line.

A very handy feature of these spools is that they're tiny and can slide into your pocket or any small tackle box/bag. Simply fold over the soft plastic casing, pull your line off, the fold it back over to hold the rest of your line on the spool in place. Once it's off, give your leader small stretch with your hands to straighten it out bit.


4lb 0.14mm

6lb 0.18mm

8lb 0.22mm

10lb 0.25mm

12lb 0.28mm

20lb 0.38mm

25lb 0.40mm

30lb 0.5mm