Dog Tooth Fluidcast Reef Camo X8 Braid

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Dogtooth Fluidcast Reef Camo X8 Braid

Dogtooth Fluidcast Reef Camo is an 8 carrier braid produced through the HS (high stitch count) manufacturing process that shrinks the braid into tighter and closer stitches.

This results in toughness, thinness, higher stability and longer life. Fluidcast HS is designed for superior Knot Strength, sensitivity and outstanding Casting properties.

Reef Camo line with its broken colours is uniquely patterned for reef fishing, increasing its effectiveness on wary Fish.


LB       DIA(mm)

20       0.22

30       0.25

50       0.32

65       0.35

80       0.43

100     0.49