Dog Tooth Fluidcast Braid

Dog Tooth Fluidcast Braid

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Dog Tooth Fluidcast Braid is a quality 4 carrier braid designed for superior knot strength, zero eleasticity and smooth casting.

The braid is coated with teflon to keep the line compact and minimise water absorbtion, ultimately creating a smoother line for casting and less wear.

Dog Tooth Fluidcast is great quality for a great price, thus it's a great option for those either just starting out with braid, or the more money-conscious people shopping on a lower budget.

It's available in both moss green and hi-vis green, from 6lb up to 50lb.


  • Superior know strength
  • Zero elasticity/stretch
  • Smooth casting
  • Teflon coating - increases smoothness, minimises water absorption
  • High visibility green
  • Available in 150m & 300m spool sizes/ lengths