Daiwa OT Jig

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Undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of fishing in Australia, shore casting with a metal jig or slug is about as easy as it gets. Now, Daiwa introduces OT (Over There) jig, a casting-specific metal slug that has been developed specifically for Australia, with hooks & colours that are sure to get every serious slugger excited.

Available in weights from 20-60g, OT jig caters to the most popular and sought after sizes. Whether you're throwing at fussy tuna schools in Hervey Bay or trying to reach those Salmon schools off the beach in WA, Daiwa's OT jig will have a size to suit.

Available in 5 high-quality colours, the finish on OT jig is outstanding, just what you'd expect of a premium deep-water or slow pitch jig.

Perfectly matched to Daiwa's large range of shore-casting & surf reels, OT jig is a great option for your next shore-casting or slugging adventure.

20G - 40G - 60G Versions.