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Daiwa HRF PE Special 7.3R-TW

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The famous HRF name re-enters the baitcaster realm, based on the game-changing Tatula design released in 2013, the HRF delivers the ultimate in performance. The revolutionary T-Wing System (TWS), Air Rotation, Real Four, Digigear, Magforce Z and UTD of the Tatula combines with a host of new features including, corrosion-resistant ball bearings (CRBB), duraluminium spool, and EVA knobs to make the HRF a must-have saltwater baitcaster.

Refinement, smoothness and class epitomize the HRF and make it a reel to rival the performance of many current hi-end reels. Looking for technology, value and cutting edge performance then look no further than the new HRF.

At the heart of the HRF is the finest of Daiwa's designs and innovations - Real Four - Real Engine, Real Control, Real Endurance, and Real Custom combine to make HRF technically advanced and a dream to use. A precision designed solid aluminium frame and gear side plate delivers maximum power and unrivalled durability, while the ergonomically designed reel profile fits effortlessly in the palm of the hand.

The superior casting performance and ultimate casting ease of the HRF all stem from Daiwa's revolutionary T-Wing System (TWS). A great leap forward over traditional line guide systems; TWS delivers unparalleled casting performance and line control, a reduction in line noise and friction, and improved reel stability and balance. Featuring a T-shaped line guide that pivots forward and back between the cast and retrieve position, TWS delivers simplicity and ease and now allows for efficient, easy casting every time, and with unrivalled distance and ease.

The Digigear II gear design combines with the new Air Rotation system to create a reel that is silky smooth and effortless on the crank, and flawless and refined when under load. At the core of Air Rotation is precision designed and machined gearing, an advancement in refinement that makes for buttery cranking and unrivalled smoothness. Air Rotation is as light as air and as smooth silk.

Corrosion is now a thing of the past with five corrosion resistant ball bearings (CRBB) and a series of corrosion resistant treated internal components joining forces to make the HRF as rugged and corrosion resistant as it is striking and good looking. The ultimate casting control system is now at your fingertips with Daiwa's legendary Magforce Z magnetic cast control system offering anglers of any skill-level a cast control system to maximize casting ease, distance and performance.

Featuring the best of both worlds, including old-fashioned mechanical braking and today's advanced magnetic braking technology, Magforce Z easily adjusts to any skill level to control backlash and increase on-water performance. With Magforce Z, spool startup is faster and the spool spins longer making for easier and longer casts. The HRF takes these Magforce Z attributes one-step further, with a twenty-increment magnetic cast control dial giving anglers more precision and control than ever before.

Your favourite line has a new place to call home with HRF new duraluminium spool lighter, faster and stronger than traditional baitcaster spools. Its positives don't end there with the spool one of the widest available in a baitcaster of its size. The wider spool delivers improved castability due to line being able to more freely unwind from the spool. An attribute that is further enhanced by the T-Wing System with the wide casting area of the T-Wing allowing unrestricted line-flow from the spool.

Combine these features and the result is a reduction in line angle, line friction, and backlashes, and a significant improvement in overall casting performance. The all-new HRF continues Daiwa's dominance in casting excellence.

Stopping power is equally at your fingertips with Daiwa's UTD- Ultimate Tournament Drag giving you the muscle to stop the toughest and hardest pulling fish. With 7kg of drag on offer, you'll have the ability to stop just about any fish that swims and do so with silky smooth stopping power.

Partnering the 7kg drag and offering you all the cranking power you'll ever need is a 90mm swept handle. Comfort and balance are essential for control and power when cranking and there's no better way of achieving this than with Daiwa's famous swept hand design.

The 100mm handle delivers maximum cranking power, while the swept handle brings the cranking handle closer to the reel's centre of balance resulting in increased balance, power and comfort. Large EVA ball-shaped handle knobs offer added comfort and ultimate handle control. A must for when the weather gets wet and the fishing gets wild.

Loaded with features and with a spec sheet to impress including a 7.3:1 retrieve ratio, seven ball bearings, left and right-hand models, 7kg of drag, and an impressive 225 gram body weight, the HRF is a baitcaster to impress and the baitcaster that will be hard to forget.

Innovative design, advanced materials and technology, and exceptional strength combine to make the HRF one of the most advanced and best-valued reels available.



HRF PE SPECIAL 7.3R-TW 7CRBB; 1RB 7kg 7.3 PE 1.5/180m; 2.0/150m 225g
HRF PE SPECIAL 7.3L-TW 7CRBB; 1RB 7kg 7.3 PE 1.5/180m; 2.0/150m 225g