Cressi Tonga Black/ Blue

Cressi Tonga Black/ Blue

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The Cressi Tonga are short open heel fins with adjustable straps. They are ideal for travellers thanks to their dimensions and lightweight.

The buckles have a special design to ensure robustness and long use. The fin strap features a large thumb loop. 

The foot pocket is made of a rubber material that makes comfortable for donning and easily adapts to different shapes of feet. Being an open foot pocket fin with an adjustable strap, it adapts to different shapes of feet and can also be shared between different people who have a similar size. The composite design of the blade provides comfortable finning and helps to reduce leg cramping.

The mask has 2 lenses made of tempered glass. The skirt is made of soft silicone to adapts to different faces and ensure a perfect seal. The buckles are easy to adjust for strap length. The snorkel is a simple yet efficient design, ultra flex tube "J" design.