Cranka Minnow Deep

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The CRANKA Deep Minnow is a 59mm, slim profile, deep diving minnow imitation which has been designed in Australia for a wide range of different fish species. This lure has a tight action at the head with a nice wide tail kick and it suspends perfectly in saltwater! Perfectly suited to slow rolling, twitching or jerking, this lure has proven itself on a wide variety of fish species. The CRANKA 59mm Deep Minnow is available in many natural baitfish and prawn patterns.

59mm Slim Profile Baitfish Pattern
Weighs 3.9 Grams
Fitted With Highest Quality Japanese Hooks and Rings
Suspends In Saltwater
Internal Weight Transfer System for Longer Casting
Dive Depth 1.5m - 2.0m
Available in Natural Baitfish and Prawn Colours
Subtle Knocking Sound Output
Natural Prey Swim Action