Cast/Buku Reefer Mono Leader

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Cast/Buku Reefer Mono Leader

Cast Reefer Leader is a high-quality nylon leader manufactured with a special two-layer process that ensures the best strength and abrasion resistance whilst also maximising knot strength. This is achieved with a hard inner core and a micro coating of softer nylon on the outside of the Cast Reefer Leader, which allows knots to grab and bind extremely well without slippage.

The Cast Reefer Leader was specifically designed for reef fishing and bottom bashing, it can be used for Paternoster rigs or as a simple straight leader. The subtle light blue tones through the reefer leader ensure it blends in nicely underwater.

The soft spool design is a really handy feature that prevents line from unraveling whilst it's stored.


  • High quality nylon leader
  • Hard inner core with a soft outer micro coating
  • Designed for reef fishing, bluewater fishing and bottom bashing.
  • Subtle blue tones ensure extremely low-vis underwater
  • Soft spool design for easy storage
  • Available in 20lb - 100lb
  • Made in collaboration with Buku

20lb 100m Leader 0.40mm

30lb 100m Leader 0.50mm
40lb 100m Leader 0.60mm

50lb 100m Leader 0.65mm

60lb 100m Leader 0.70mm

80lb 75m Leader 0.80mm

100lb 50m Leader 0.90mm