Cast/Buku Colour Coded Jigging X12 Braid

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Cast X Buku Colour Coded Jigging X12 Braid

After years of extensive testing by pro anglers in both Australia and the US, and tweaking during manufacture to ensure the braid outperforms others in the market, the Cast X12 Braid range is now available.

The Cast X12 Jigging Braid is 100% PE braided line that's been built for pro anglers and hard-core fishos that push the boundaries of fishing and their gear. The X12 is far superior to X8 (8 carrier) braids as it has a higher suppleness and a smoother surface, allowing for trouble-free fishing and maximum performance.

Cast X12 Jigging braid also goes through a process called High Stitch during manufacture, which shrinks and tightens the line to provide a smoother finish and a much more consistent breaking strain throughout the length of the spool i.e. no random weak points. The ultra-smooth surface on Cast X12 line minimises wear and friction when running through the rod guides for durability of both the line and the guides themselves.

The Cast X12 Jigging Braid is a highly sensitive, highly abrasion-resistant jigging braid with 6 high contrast colours spaced every 10m to convey accurate depth information.


  • High Performance Jigging Braid
  • 12 Carrier Braid: Much smoother, rounder and thinner than braid with less strands
  • High Stitch (HS) Manufacture: Provides even more smoothness + a consistent breaking strain
  • High Contrast 5-Way Colour Scheme: Conveys accurate depth information with a change every 10m
  • Extensively Tested with incredible results
  • Made in collaboration with Buku



300m PE 1.5 (20lb)
0.23mm 300m

300m PE 2 (30lb)
0.25mm 300m

300m PE 3 (50lb)
0.30mm 300m

300m PE 4 (65lb)
0.35mm 300m

400m PE 6 (80lb)
0.43mm 400m