BKK Sea Ranger Assist Hooks

BKK Sea Ranger Assist Hooks

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BKK Sea Ranger Assist Hooks

The BKK Sea Ranger+ is developed to tackle big fish using small bait.

It comes pre-tied with BKK high quality solid core assist cord, which is very robust yet retains its softness. Shimmering and glowing fibers increase the attractiveness of the jig, triggering more strikes.

It features a heavy gauge providing excellent strength to the hook and BKK’s Hand Ground hook point technology lightening the weight of the hook, providing an outstanding penetration performance. Additionally, the U-spade Slip Lock feature keeps the assist line securely in place.

Last but not least, the bright tin coating ensures sharp hooks in saltwater environment, preventing saltwater corrosion.


L Strength: 40kg 2pc
XL Strength: 50kg 2pc
2XL Strength: 55kg 2pc
3XL Strength: 65kg 2pc