Biwaa S-Trout

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Biwaa S'Trout

The Biwaa STrout is a multi-segmented Swimbait made up of 8 Segments constructed from solid plastics (free of Phthalates and BPA), and jointed with a Mesh Woven Fabric.

The design of the S'Trout allows the head to track straight with the body following in an ultra-realistic swimming action. The shape of the S'Trout closely resembles a trout, hence the name. By changing the retrieval speed and rhythm, you can easily imitate an injured baitfish. Whether you are looking for a gentle S action, or a sharp side to side action the STrouts design allows for a versatile presentation to match the fishing conditions. 

Realistic Photo Finish process starts with pictures of wild forage fish, taken in the field. We then reproduce it, in detail, on the surface of the swimbaits to get as close to “match the hatch” as possible. Each lure undergoes a multi-layer painting process, first they are airbrush painted one at a time and then finished with 2 layers of varnish to protect the paint and create a durability finish.  

5.5"(135mm) 1oz(29g) sinking available in 5 colours