Berkley Pro-Tech Jerk

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LENGTH: 60mm (not available)

WEIGHT: 4.0g

DEPTH: 0.4-1.0m

LENGTH: 90mm

WEIGHT: 11.4g

DEPTH: 0.4-1.0m

The Pro-Tech Jerk was designed by the Berkley Pro Team with one mission in mind: to build a jerk bait that casts well, has a highly erratic action, and produces plenty of bites. The Jerk 60 can be twitched and ripped to produce an amazing darting baitfish action. You can then stop it dead in its tracks to perfectly suspend in a fish’s face. Both sizes feature a moving cast-weight ball that ensures long accurate deliveries and eye-watering movement. The 90mm model is perfect for working the flats for flathead or pitching at snags for bass and Jacks. If you like working a lure hard, you’re going to love throwing the Pro-Tech Jerk.