Berkley Catch Release Net

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The Berkley Catch & Release Landing Net has an anodized finish and is UV-stabilised, so it can withstand any weather conditions thrown its way. It is also super-strong, so lifting in a fish of a lifetime won’t be an issue.
It has a convenient ruler along the handle so you can quickly measure your fish to see if it is a legal size.
There’s nothing worse than losing a fish, so make sure you have a landing net ready to go so you don’t have to rely on lip grips or tail-grabbing your fish.

The Berkley Catch & Release Landing Net is a worthy investment if you want to avoid tangles and harming the fish you catch. While nylon mesh nets are cheaper, they are problematic because they can damage the scales, gills or remove slime from the fish. You won’t have that problem with the Berkley Catch & Release Landing Net because the net has a silicone surface. For the best chance of releasing your fish to fight another day, make sure you use this product.