Barambah Lures - Baby Mullet 120mm

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Baby Mullet 120mm

Authentic, creative and innovative designs by Matt Fraser
Inspired by nature, engineered to perform
High quality in design, features, manufacturing standards and finish
Attention to detail, so you can fish with confidence.
Passion for excellence in fishing tackle - passion to catch!
Length - 120mm
Weight - 25-32grm
Depth - .3m to 5m (1ft to 15ft)
Action - Life-like swim
Buoyancy - Very slow to medium sink
Hardware - BKK
Matt Fraser from Barambah Lures is well known for his timber lures, but he recently made the crossover to production ABS hardbody Lures, all featuring the new Lure Fastening System. “I couldn’t keep up with demand in timber lures,” he explained. “So I went to production lures that are more affordable and can incorporate a heap of innovative features.” Using a built-in stainless steel threaded nut and screw, the Lure Fastening System allows bibs, weights and claws to be easily attached or changed, to quickly adjust a lure’s action, buoyancy or appearance. Topwater lures can be changed from a paddler to a wakebait. The divers can be changed from shallow to deep, and the soft claws of the Hectic Yabbie can be swapped out if damaged, or to change claw colours. The swimbaits have a hidden weight chamber, so you can adjust buoyancy, giving them a depth range from 2-30ft plus! All this is done using a phillips head screwdriver, which comes supplied in the pack. There are nine hardbait models in a range of proven colours.